Ansible plugin

The Cisco Panoptica Ansible plugin works with Ansible to identify pod template workload that you are deploying to your Kubernetes clusters.

Supported platforms

Install the plugin

  1. On the Panoptica console, create a user with the Service role. This user will be used by plugin. Copy the value of the Access Token; it will be used by the plugin (see below).
  2. Navigate to the CI/CD page, and select the PLUGINS tab. Scroll down to the CD PLUGINS section, and select Ansible.
  3. Download the plugin ( the link on the page.
  4. Copy the plugin to the Anisble module directory.
  5. Run the command
ansible-doc -t module <module directory>/

Use (CD)

The Panoptica plugin is included as an action in an Ansible playbook file.Its purpose is to create a Panoptica app for an application.

The Panoptica segment is added as follows:


These attributes can be included, optionally, for the Panoptica segment:

executableThe directory of the executableYes
nameThe name of the executable (in Panoptica)Yes
urlthe url of the Panoptica consoleNo
access_keythe access key of the service. If not included, the value will be taken from environment variable PORTSHIFT_ACCESS_KEYNo
secret_keythe secret key of the service. If not included, value will be taken from environment variable PORTSHIFT_SECRET_KEYNo
executablePaththe directory of the executableNo
processNamethe process nameNo
argscommand line arguments of the executableNo
cwdworking directory of the executableNo
typethe app typeNo
labelsa hash/dictionary of labels to add to the new app; form: '{"key":"value"}' and '{"key":"value","key":"value"}'No