JFfrog Artifactory

This note describes how to configure Cisco Panoptica to use the JFrog Artifactory as a repository for CI/CD artifacts.

With Artifactory is configured with Panoptica, you will immediately gain visibility and control over the artifacts in you CI/CD pipeline. You will be able to see and control which containers from the Docker registries are running in production.

In addition, Panoptica can use this information to generate Panoptica identities for workloads about to be deployed into your environments.

In addition, you can optionally use image scan results from JFrog Xray security analysis to gain insight into vulnerabilities in your workloads.

You will need an account on both Artifactory and Panoptica.

Configure JFrog on Panoptica

  1. Navigate to the DEPLOYMENTS page, and select the REGISTRIES tab.
  2. Click New Registry.
  1. Enter a name (as it will appear in Panoptica), and the URL, as well as access credentials. For details about the URL, see, for example, here. The URL usually ends with /artifcatory, and has the a form like https://example.jfrog.io/artifactory
  2. Select Jfrog Artifactory for Type.
  3. Optionally, if you want to use JFrog Xray vulnerability information, enter a JFrog TOKEN (details for creating a token are in the section following, below).
  4. Click Test connection and, if this works, click FINISH.

Once configured, workloads that appear in the Workloads page, that originated in Artifactory, will appear with the JFrog attributes (the repository and image). In addition, if a token was supplied, to obtain Xray vulnerability information, image scan results obtained from JFrog will appear in the CI/CD page, in the IMAGES tab.

Create a JFrog Token for Xray

  1. Sign-in to JFrog.
  2. Select the Administration menu, in the navigation bar on the left.
  1. Select Access Tokens in the Identity and Access section.
  2. Click Generate Access Token.
  1. Select Xray in the Service section, and an expiry time (for example, Never), and then click Generate.
  2. Click Copy to copy the token value.