Cluster Permissions (RBAC) risks

Cisco Panoptica checks protected clusters for risks from excessive or inappropriate user permissions. These details are shown on the RBAC Permissions page in the Risk Assessment section. Panoptica calculates the permissions-related risks for each cluster based on the permissions assigned to owners with access to the cluster (users, groups, or services). For example, a user or service with unrestrained permissions (and not permissions for specific actions) would be a High risk.

View RBAC permission risks on clusters

  1. Navigate to the Permissions (RBAC) tab on the Risk Assessment section.
    This shows a list of your clusters and, for each, a summary of the overall permissions risks detected in the cluster (grouped by risk Severity).
    Switch System permissions (in the upper right) to show or hide system permission issues.
  1. Click on a cluster (anywhere in the row) to show more detail for a specific cluster. This shows a list of owners (users, groups, or services) on the cluster and, for each, the permissions risks.
  1. Click on an owner to show specific details for the risks detected.
  1. Click on a risk (a row) to show details for the risk. This shows the resource involved and the actions that the resource has.

In this example, the global permissions are granted for all resources, and for all actions, a High risk.