Connect Azure Account

Connect accounts

These steps will connect your Azure account to Panoptica, and deploy the Panoptica scanner to your Azure account.

  1. Navigate to the SERVERLESS page, and click Connect account on the CLOUD ACCOUNTS tab.
  2. Select Azure as your provider, and take note of the Access Key and Secret Access Key, which you will need at a later stage.
    Then click CONNECT IN AZURE.

  1. A new tab will open to your Azure account, where you can set up a custom deployment.

  • Select your Subscription. We recommend creating a new resource group.
  • Select a Region.
  • Copy/Paste the Access Key and the Secret Access Key from the 'Connect Account' window on the Panoptica. Note that the Service Account ID is pre-loaded.
  • Click Review + create.
  1. After review, Azure should return "Validation Passed". Click Create to deploy the Panoptica scanner in your Azure account. If it does not pass validation, resolve any issues indicated by the deployment procedure.

View Connected Accounts

The new account will appear in the CLOUD ACCOUNTS tab of the Serverless page in the Panoptica platform, with status 'Installed'.

Panoptica will automatically scan the configuration of your serverless functions in Azure for any potential security threats. The first assessment will be triggered at deployment.

Panoptica will continue to monitor the configuration for any changes, and update the threats identified accordingly.