Considerations for deploying in hardened environments

If you are deploying the Cisco Panoptica in a hardened environment, that does not have direct access to the Panoptica repository to download installation bundles, review the suggestions presented below.


If you are using an HTTPS proxy, follow these steps when creating your clusters.

  1. Follow the steps described in Deploy on a Kubernetes Cluster to create a cluster.
  2. In STEP 3 (Advanced Settings), select External HTTPS proxy.
  1. Enter access details for the proxy.
  2. Complete the cluster definition.


kubectl - on the workstation used to deploy your clusters.
OC CLI - ??


Panoptica installation bundles are downloaded from a GCR registry. If your deployment does not have direct access to GCP, you must independently download the installation bundles from GCR and then push them to a local private registry that is accessible. You must also modify the bundles for the new location.
(missing details, examples)

Self-signed certificates

  • known issue.