Deploy on Fargate

You can deploy Cisco Panoptica controller on Kubernetes clusters hosted on AWS Fargate compute engines.
The deployment is similar to the standard Kubernetes cluster deployment on clusters.

Once the controller is deployed, you can use Panoptica to monitor and manage the workloads running on the Fargate engine.


You must create a Fargate profile for the [Panoptica] namespace. You can do this using the EKS UI or using the following eksctl command:

eksctl create fargateprofile --cluster <cluster name> --name portshift --namespace portshift --region <cluster region>

Create a Kubernetes Cluster on Fargate

  1. Follow the steps to deploy the controller on a Kubernetes cluster.
  2. In the deployment options, set Connections Control to OFF.
  3. Download the deployment files (YAML), and follow the onscreen instructions to deploy the controller using kubectl.