KubeClarity - Open Source Scanner

KubeClarity is an open source vulnerabilities scanning tool that you can use to get an immediate and accurate risk assessment of your Kubernetes clusters. KubeClarity scans all images that are being used in a Kubernetes cluster, including images of application pods and system pods. It doesn’t scan all the image registries, and doesn’t require preliminary integration with CI/CD pipelines.

You can configure it to set the scope of the scan (target namespaces), the speed, and the vulnerabilities level of interest.

Use the web-based graphical UI to identify where and what should images running on your clusters have known vulnerabilities, and should be replaced, in order to mitigate risk.

It can be used without the Cisco Panoptica platform, but can also to be configured to send results to Panoptica, if you are using the platform.

Find KubeClarity on Github https://github.com/openclarity/kubeclarity.