Kubernetes Operators

Create an Operator Deployer

This deployer relates to a specific cluster.

  1. Navigate to the Deployments page and select Deployers.
  2. Click New Deployer.
  1. Select Operator.
  2. Select these details for the deployer.
  • Cluster - select the cluster on which the deployer will be deployed
  • Namespace - optionally, select the namespaces in the cluster that the deployer will control
  • Service Account - select the service account that the deployer will use
  • Security Checks - if Yes, all objects created by the deployer (upstream) will have a security check; the results are shown in the CD tab on the Development page.
  • Rules creation - If Yes, objects of type SecureCNPolicy on the cluster are forwarded to Cisco Panoptica, and a connection policy for them is created.
  1. Click FINISH.

What’s Next