Manage Users

Roles (types of users)

There are three types of users in Cisco Panoptica. Each user is defined as one of these types.

  • Admin - full access to create, delete, view, and change any object (such as a cluster, a policy, or other users) in Panoptica
  • Service - used by third-party applications (such as the Panoptica Controller) for programmatic access; has permissions similar to the Admin
  • Auditor - can view all information for objects on Panoptica, but cannot add, delete, or make any changes.
  • CI/CD Scanner - this is a service account, for APIs accessing Panoptica functionality for CI/CD scanning.

Add users

  1. In the Panoptica console, navigate to the System page, and then select the MANAGE USERS tab.
  2. Click New user.
  3. Select the role for the user, enter details for the user, and then click FINISH.

Modify or Delete users

  1. Navigate to the MANAGE USERS tab.
  2. Select the user.
  3. Click Edit to modify the user, or Delete to delete the user.