The rapid deployment of applications into production—when infrastructure is constantly being spun up, torn down, and scaled up and down in response to dynamic demands—makes it essential for an organization to automate infrastructure.
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a high-level descriptive coding language that automates the provisioning of cloud infrastructure and cloud workloads. This automation is an essential DevOps/SRE practice, enabling teams to rapidly create and version infrastructure in the same way they version source code, and to track these versions to avoid inconsistencies.

Infrastructure-as-a-code in our platforms means that any deployment of Cisco Panoptica resources can be done by using the Terraform Provider (e.g. Kubernetes cluster with Panoptica security, or define internal namespace/Panoptica for policies perspective). Furthermore with the shift-left security approach, we allow developers to use Terraform or Kubernetes CRDs to customize their services deployment and network policies using the same deployment syntax, which allows application deployment together with its polices definition, removing the need to work simultaneously between deployments and policies definitions.