Cisco Panoptica CLI

You can use the Panoptica CLI to identify workloads to Panoptica. Use this option when there is no Plugin available for your CD toolchain.

Supported Platforms

Linux - Ubuntu, CentOS

Install the CLI

  1. On the Panoptica console, create a user with the Service role. This user will be used by plugin. Copy the value of the Access Token; it will be used by the plugin (see below).
  2. Navigate to the CI/CD page, and select the PLUGINS tab. Scroll down to the CD Plugins section, and select CLI.
  3. Download the CLI using the link on the page.
  4. Verify the executable has run permissions
  5. Run the command

Use the CLI

Define the following

RESOURCE="$(helm $COMMAND --debug --dry-run)"

The CLI uses the Helm dry-run command to capture information about your deployment pod templates, and then sends this to Panoptica.

Use the following command

portshift_cli create-kubernetes-resource --access_key ${ACCESS_KEY} --secret_key ${SECRET_KEY} --resource "$RESOURCE"