You can configure Cisco Panoptica to send information to Cisco SecureX.

Configure SecureX

On SecureX you will configure a webhook to receive information from Panoptica.

  1. On SecureX, navigate to Orchestration, and then select Events & Webhooks.
  1. Click New Webhook.
  1. Enter a name for the webhook and, optionally, a description, and then click Submit.
  2. Click on the webhook in the list of webhooks, to see details for it.
  3. Copy the Webhook URL, as they will be used to configure Panoptica.

Configure Panoptica

  1. On Panoptica, navigate to the Systems page, and then select the INTEGRATIONS tab.
  2. In the Events Forwarding section, click New Events Forwarding.
  1. Select SecureX for the Software, and end enter a name for the integration, then click NEXT.
  2. In STEP 2, enter the Webhook URL, copied from above, in the URL field.
  1. Click TEST CONNECTION to verify the connection to the SecureX webhook is working. If OK, click NEXT.
  2. In STEP 3, select the events to forward to SecureX, then click FINISH.