You can configure Cisco Panoptica to send event information to a Slack channel. This includes events such as a workload starting in an environment, or being blocked; connections being established between workloads, or closed.

Configure Slack

On Slack, you will create an App, connected to one of your workspaces. For this app, you will add a webhook, connected to a channel in the workspace. This webhook will be used by Panoptica.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Create app.
  3. Enter a name, and select the Slack workspace to which Panoptica will send events.
  1. Click Incoming Webhooks, on the left.
  2. Activate incoming webhooks.
  1. Click Add new Webhook.
  2. Select the Workspace.
  3. Select the Slack channel in the workspace, to which Panoptica events will be sent.
  4. Click Allow.
  1. Copy the Webhook URL.

Configure Panoptica

On Panoptica, Slack will be added as an external Event Forwarding Integration.

  1. Sign in to Panoptica, and then navigate to the Integrations page in System.
  2. Scroll to the Event Forwarding section, and then click New Events Forwarding.
  1. Select type Slack.
  2. Enter a name for the integration, as it will appear in Panoptica.
  3. Enter the webhook URL for the Slack app, created above.
  4. Select which type of events will be sent to this Slack channel, then click FINISH.

You can create several integrations, to send different types of events to different Slack channels.