Terraform Provider

The Cisco Panoptica Terraform Provider works with Terraform to provide a means to add, modify, or remove Panoptica to Kubernetes clusters, and to create and modify Panoptica Connection rules, using Terraform files. This provides an efficient way to automate this process in the CI/CD pipeline, as and when they are needed, and alongside the process of generating workloads in the pipeline.


Panoptica Service Account & Access Keys - A Service account user must be created (see Manage Users), from which Access and Secret Keys can be copied.

kubectl - the host machine must be Linux, with kubectl must be installed on the host, and must have the clusters that will be created in SecureCN defined as contexts in the config file.

Supported platforms

Linux - AMD64, ARM64, ARM
macOS - AMD64, ARM64

Install the Provider

Navigate to the https://registry.terraform.io/providers/Portshift/securecn/latest and follow the instructions under the Use Provider dropdown.

See also

See here also for details about the provider - https://registry.terraform.io/providers/Portshift/securecn/latest/docs .

What’s Next