Visualize Namespaces

You can view all the namespaces that have been defined in your Kubernetes cluster on the NAMESPACES tab of the Runtime page.

View Namespaces

The Namespaces view shows all the Kubernetes namespaces in your environments. These include Protected namespaces, in which the Panoptica controller is deployed, as well as Unprotected namespaces, in which the controller is not deployed.
This view also shows the number of pods running in each namespace.


You can filter this view by Namespace Name, Cluster Name, and/or Protected status.
You can configure which columns are displayed via the Columns button, in the upper right.
The list of namespaces can be exported to Excel, for further review and analysis.

To remove protection from a namespace, click the shield icon to the right of the namespace to view instructions for unprotecting a namespace. Copy the command, which includes the specific namespace name, and run it in your Kubernetes cluster. Restart the pod for the changes to be applied.