You can configure Cisco Panoptica to send event information to a room in Webex.

Configure Webex

  1. In Webex, create a new space.
  2. Search for the Panoptica bot and include it in your space.
  1. Obtain the space ID from the RoomID bot (use the roomID).

Configure Panoptica

  1. In Panoptica, navigate tot he System page, and then select the INTEGRATIONS tab.
  2. Click New Events Forwarding, and then select Webex.
  3. Enter a name for the integration, then click NEXT.
  4. In the Space ID field, enter the Webex RoomID, from the previous step.
  1. Click TEST CONNECTION to confirm the details are correct.
  2. Click NEXT.
  3. In the Event Forwarding screen, select the event types that will be forwarded to the Webex space.
  1. Click FINISH.