What is Cisco Panoptica?

Cisco Panoptica provides a comprehensive security solution for your entire software development lifecycle (SDLC), from development to runtime. Panoptica provides visibility and remediation for containerized applications managed by Kubernetes, serverless functions, and all your APIs.

With a single Panoptica deployment—running as an admission controller— DevOps/SRE teams can leverage the power of our "agent-less" (not a DaemonSet) solution to protect from threats and vulnerabilities across images, containers, Kubernetes, and runtime deployments.

Continuous hardening

Panoptica ensures a continuous hardening process during the entire lifecycle of a containerized application, from code, through the CI/CD pipeline, and on to runtime in your Kubernetes environments. Using the service-mesh layer, Panoptica delivers strong network communication security inside and outside the cluster.

Protect the CI/CD pipeline

Panoptica starts upstream in the CI/CD pipeline. It identifies your workloads as you develop and deploy them. With these identities, you gain visibility into the workloads running on your environments, and control over what is running.

Zero Trust

Panoptica is based on the zero trust model, that makes no assumptions about workloads running within your security perimeter. Workloads are identified as either known (to Panoptica) or unknown entities, and you control which can run and with whom they connect.

Scalable Security

Proven at scale, the Panoptica platform is able to support thousands of deployments running across your Kubernetes environment, their connections inside and outside the cluster.

Application Security: Consumed APIs Visibility and Risk Detection

The Panoptica platform provides a unique application security angle by tracking the APIs used by microservices, and classifying their security and risk level. This allows you to restrict abused or breached APIs, with continuous monitoring of their risk levels and dynamic updates.